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Below, you'll find an overview of the projects I completed during my master's program, with a focus on human-computer interaction in various contexts, including healthcare (Birdo), gastronomy (Cre.ate), and emerging technologies (Visul).


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DCM210 Creativity and Aesthetics of data & AI

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DCM130 Design for social innovation

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DCB200 - Aesthetic of interaction

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DCM110 - A designerly perspective on IoT

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Talk a Talk

DDM110 - Design for behavioural change

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DPB230 - Pre-master project

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On the move

DCM170 - Researching the future everyday

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DAB130 - Design for multiple stakeholders

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Personalised shoe

DCM100 - Constructive design research

Below is an overview of the essential courses I took during my master's programme. These courses were strategically chosen to serve three core objectives: to advance understanding of human collaboration with emerging technologies, to emphasise user-centred usability and to promote aesthetics and inclusiveness.

Extra curricular

Here you will discover the range of extracurricular activities I was involved in during my master's programme. These activities complemented my academic learning and provided realistic contexts in which I could apply my knowledge and skills.

As a Master's student in Industrial Design, I expanded my practical knowledge by collaborating with the KTC team in Eindhoven. My role involved trend research, customer interviews, design sessions, and proposal writing for various companies locally and internationally. This experience enriched my expertise in service design, customer insights, and design thinking.

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As a Teaching Assistant for the Vitality Design Squad, I supported professors and industry professionals in offering valuable educational experiences and bridging the gap between students and real-world design insights. This position honed my communication, organization, and teamwork skills, while deepening my understanding of the design field.

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As a co-initiator of the Prompt Battle Eindhoven group, we strived to introduce the technique of generative AI to Industrial Design students in an easy and engaging way. We successfully organized an event with two squads that offered valuable insights from both the interaction and the outcomes of the Prompt Battle.

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As an owner and marketing manager of a brewery, I contributed to building the brand and managing the brewery's operations. This experience nurtured my entrepreneurial spirit and honed my leadership skills. Our signature blond beer was awarded as the best blond beer in the Netherlands in 2022

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