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Professional identity

As an AI and generative models enthusiast, I've discovered my purpose at the intersection of design and cutting-edge technology. I like the complexity of the world and enjoy the challenge of integrating AI-driven models into creative processes as presented in my FMP project VIsul. But I'm more than just an AI researcher; I find happiness in having the ability to communicate complex ideas in simple words (cre.ate) and guiding multiple groups with a unique combination of technical, analytical, and aesthetic insights( Birdo, Talkatalk, A-eyes Visul).

​An endless desire for innovation drives my work. Every project is a chance for me to experiment (zuyd craft), push limits (cre.ate), and foster creative thinking (visul) in everyone around me. I love the vitality and intensity of creative brainstorming meetings (Ta vitality / Ktc), when there are no boundaries and all that's required is to imagine the unimaginable, like I did in the on the move project.

​My aim is always to foster an open, approachable environment. Understanding and empathy underpin my interactions, whether it's an in-depth discussion about the future of AI in design (A-eyes /Visul) or a light-hearted chat over coffee (personalised shoe). I attempt to customise my communication approach to the different requirements of the individuals with whom I interact, guaranteeing inclusion and mutual respect (personalised shoe, cre.ate, Volta & talk a talk).

​I have a knack for spotting the extraordinary in the ordinary, like using taste in a design methodology (Cre.ate). The seemingly mundane becomes a canvas for creativity and innovation under my purview. I bring this mindset, combined with a thorough approach to user research, to transform wild ideas into tangible, impactful solutions. My motto? Be spontaneous, flexible, and embrace a bit of chaos. It's through this controlled fuzzy phase that the most revolutionary designs are born.

​I'm not just a designer or a researcher; I'm a facilitator of ideas, a guide through the complex labyrinth of creativity and technology. I aim to motivate, inspire, and bring together experts from diverse fields, in pursuit of a more inclusive and innovative future in design.


In an increasingly technologically driven society, my ambition is to use the potential of AI to weave a new narrative around design, one in which humanity is important, not as a collaborator but as the focal point (visul). My objective is not just to impact change, but to spark a design thinking revolution in which the Good AI ethos is generally adopted, deployed, and utilised for empowerment (a -eyes, Visul).

​I aspire to democratise technology via my design work. AI should not be an inaccessible tool exclusively available to a select few; rather, it should be a catalyst for equality, a force that breaks down boundaries and makes technology accessible to everyone. I see a future in which artificial intelligence is more than simply a simplicity gadget, but a tool that actually enhances lives, empowers people, and grows societies.

​As I see it, the future of design will be influenced by the seamless combination of AI and human creativity. In this context, I view myself as a transformational spark. My role is to question and inspire a new generation of designers who will push the frontiers of what is possible. My role as a facilitator is to demonstrate how AI may be a partner rather than a threat to the designer.

​I attempt to blur the lines between the tangible and the intangible, the physical and the digital, and the human and the AI in my work. Each design will include a message, and each creation will be a manifesto for change.

"I am not designing for the world as it is,

I am designing for the world as it could be."


This is the change I hope to bring about, this is the future I want to create. My journey is not just about creating aesthetically beautiful designs; it is about using design as a language, a medium to communicate, inspire and touch lives. To create designs that make life not just easier, but better. That is my vision - to create a world where good AI is not the exception, but the norm.

"Through his graduate studies, Rick Knop has become an expert in AI and generative models, specifically in the context of design. With his deep knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, Rick stays abreast of the latest developments, understanding the potential of AI to play a crucial role in creative processes. His knowledge makes him invaluable to those looking to integrate AI-driven generative models into their design processes"

Matthijs Hoekstra

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