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Talk a talk

Design brief: Design a digital intervention that leverages social proof and consensus mechanisms to enhance social behavior among train travellers, ultimately encouraging dialogue and fostering connection. Draw from principles of social comparison and suggestion within the frameworks of Influence and Persuasive System Design


Talk-a-Talk is an interactive platform designed to enrich the train travel experience by facilitating conversation and fostering community. Rooted in the principles of social comparison and suggestion, it utilizes the Influence Framework and the Persuasive System Design Framework to gently guide traveller behavior. Passengers can observe others' social behavior, such as engaging in conversation or showing active listening through the application's light feature, which in turn influences them to do the same. Timely suggestions of conversation topics additionally serve as prompts for initiating dialogue.



Expertise area

Service design

Product design


 User & Society | Business & entrepreneurship | Design and research process

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