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Design Brief: Contribute to the development of a dementia-friendly football stadium for the future, together with PSV Eindhoven, TU Eindhoven, and Alzheimer Nederland under the initiative 'TIKKIE TERUG'. The design should prioritize supporter safety, foster unity among various demographic groups, and uphold the authentic image of PSV.


Koos is a groundbreaking solution designed to create an inclusive and secure stadium experience for football fans, particularly those living with dementia. Carefully conceived with the rich history and authentic spirit of PSV in mind, Koos blends innovative technology with intuitive design to ensure safety, foster connection among diverse fan groups, and deliver an engaging match-day experience. Its dementia-friendly features incorporate cutting-edge cognitive aids and user-centric navigational systems that not only help fans move around the stadium with ease but also foster a sense of belonging



Expertise area

Product Design

Service Design


Business & entrepreneurschip | Design research | User & society

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