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In this section, I've outlined my short, mid, and long-term goals. discussing how they align with my vision and skills gained during my masters program

Short term

After completing my master's degree, the world feels full of possibilities. With my recent projects, Visul, Birdo and Cre.ate, I still expect to contribute to the academic field through publications. These projects have sparked my interest in three interrelated areas - Human-Computer Interaction, Human Food Interaction and Human AI Interaction, which I want to delve further into, possibly through a PhD. The offers I have received from institutions in Luxembourg, Eindhoven, and Stockholm are promising, but the journey to the perfect topic has only just begun. Meanwhile, I aim to continue to dedicate myself to Eindhoven University, especially as an external coach, helping students find their way as I did. In parallel, my curiosity is piqued by the vibrant, multi-stakeholder environment of a design firm. Eindhoven, Antwerp, Geleen - the location matters less than the opportunity to immerse myself in projects that draw on my skills in simplifying complexity, using AI and shaping product design methodologies.

Mid term

As my career develops, I also want to return to my roots in the south of the Netherlands. The dearth of design opportunities in the region is something I want to change. By initiating local design talent and initiatives, I envision a thriving design ecosystem that develops and retains local talent, possibly with a creative design agency emerging in Limburg.

Long term

The highlight of my journey is to set up my design agency in the south of the Netherlands in 10 years' time. It is not a decision I want to rush; I first intend to understand the workings of an agency and learn and develop in the design field. This venture matches my vision to contribute to the regional design landscape while fulfilling my personal aspiration.

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