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Technical university Eindhoven 

Master: Industrial design

Expertise areas experience

Past - B.Sc. Healthcare engineering

User & Society

My user-centric design approach derives from my healthcare engineering degree. Keep in mind the user when creating tools for and inside people. As a designer, I help create valuable things. I can observe the user and map his value proposition in several ways. My medical background has taught me about ethical principles protecting privacy and data. This is crucial to give participants confidence that everything they say will be taken seriously.

Business & Entrepreneurship

It was during my bachelor studies that I first encountered entrepreneurship through the Young Entrepreneurs program. A product was developed by groups of students from various backgrounds. The project's focus was on business-oriented analyses. Another college offered me a minor in entrepreneurship, value proposition, and business model canvas. This minor's final deliverable was a project that combined business, users, and data. 

Creativity & Aesthetics

From Concept to Reality was the first lesson in this subject. Getting to know the design process can lead to great ideas. During my internship, I saw these ideas put into practice in the design world. I learnt sketching, 3D modeling, and graphic design throughout my internship. So I could express myself in many ways. Aesthetics isn't just about graphics and colors, I've discovered. Both aspects can enhance a design. The user experience has taught me to be creative and apply aesthetics.

Technology & Realization

I produced numerous prototypes during my bachelor. The techniques employed vary widely depending on the materials and experience. However, I have studied various abilities to work with other materials. A nice prototype isn't enough. The prototype is powered by coding and electronics. I've never been brilliant at coding, but I've explored. I find it difficult to code new things. With experienced guidance, I can code and create something useful. Likewise for electronics and circuit design.

Math, Data & Computing

During my BSc in healthcare engineering, I completed a usability course. Among the topics taught were digital image processing, math and statistics, DSP, and C#/C++ programming. In my final year, I took a big data elective to deal with massive data and find correlation. For ten weeks, we utilized a fast miner to look for data. Ensuring a pram met NEN standards was part of my internship. It wasn't long before I was studying lean six sigma and working towards a yellow belt.

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